the stringed instrument(Double Bass,cello,violin,etc) for sale,manufacturing company in Japan / for Japanese

Ciao ! Our shop is now looking for business partners, especially for Italian double bass makers(Luthiers).
doublebass for sale is Double Bass shop in Japan
There are more than 90 Double Basses.
contrabass,and also more than 200 old violin. If you are looking for the best sounds Double Bass,please let us know your best price. We offer the best Double Bass for you as far as possible.

Saumer/doublebass german

double bass/

italian double bass
Price: consult
italy .Contrabasso

shop in japan for sale!

Our shop is known for the contrabasses/double bass shop.

Double Bass for sale :
 Pollmann , for Italian ,German(Double Bass)
/french, Italy, german, romanian, and more..
Cello : more than 60
Violin : more than 200

all kinds of stringed instrument.

Open : 9:00AM 8:00PM
If you look for the doublebass ,cello and violin etc ,by fax ,e-mail, if you have questions, comments or offers, feel free to contact us anytime.

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All musicians with high sound expectations will enjoy playing on "Our shop". No music,no life.
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